Help Translating Handwritten Letter(s)

second link (this one is really hard to comprehend, to me the author seems to be not 100% mentally healthy maybe?):


Day ...(looks like they forgot to put a date here)

mommy, and you, sister

i write to you and we dont know

if mom is good there

but first about you, sister

(??) cause i teofil teofil

write to you mom and here

i dont have any reply and it was very sad

i wonder if mommy is well

how do you live sister

i know that if mom is ok

and she cant write so that

white dont you write to me sister

i was very ill

was in hospital i have asthma

of heart (cardiac asthma) i hardly

can walk


how do you live, mom

and sister. here maybe

our neighbor will come to you

will go to america this neighbor

from the other (??) good young

(??) but good honest, i

asked her to go visit you

i would ask you if

you could send me any drug

for asthma so they can

so she gives that to me she'd want to take it she

good honest jasia(name? or maybe jasna 'fair'?) and exactly

tall, black hair. i would

ask you give for the asthma of heart

she is enlightened(?) people where

she works and here she gave her address and there

on farm i dont know (??)

(??) so that it doesnt hurt(?)

a good woman and please write a couple of words

that she was. with this i finish my writing

my cordial greetings to you mommy sister

and whole family

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