Herm's Spawn Base looking good as usual!

I'm calling it.

Hermet, talking to you here.

You're not going to keep this up. You talk about the joy of building and creating communities, but get this; A vast part of the joy of building is actually getting to finish and enjoy what you've been working on. Every single time you try to make progress, you build a little, almost make something impressive, and then somebody ruins it. You try to build again, someone ruins it. This isn't going to stop and you knew that, but I'm not exactly sure you grasped just how demoralizing this entire experience is going to be for you.

And don't get me wrong, it WILL be demoralizing. I can hear it in your voice, I can read it in your text.

Again, I say it: You cannot keep this up.

You will not keep this up.

You should not keep this up.

About that last one; You might be scratching your head and wondering: "Whatever does this asshole mean by that? Why, I can do whatever I want! Screw him!" but see here's the thing.

Aren't you the guy responsible for Donfuher? That awesome, massive city built in like, under a month or something?

Remember that beautiful giant, Hermet? Look at what you did. You made something that could have lasted, the next great monument on this server. Donfeur could have meant something greater, and hell, it probably did to some people.

Why can't you devote your building prowess to that? Why waste time on simple, shitty builds that are gone the next time you log in? You should build things that last, things that leave a legacy!

And I'm sure you think spawn base will leave a legacy too, but if public attitude is anything to go by, it most certainly will NOT. It's a thing of mockery, not a thing of inspiration.

It's not the next Wrath, or Aureus, or 2k2k. It will be here one week and gone the next, lost into the autistic winds of 2b2t. Gone the way of the 4th Reich, CorruptedUnicorn or that weird guy with the glasses who bombed the VoW for attention.

Just completely forgotten. Is that the legacy you want to leave, dude?

Mind you.

I'm not saying any of this as actual derision. I don't hate you Hermet, but I hate the things you're doing with your time, because they are stupid.

Your ideas are stupid. You are not. You are an amazing, talented builder and you WILL make waves, but not here.

Not here, dude.

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