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Regarding your Accountability point, what do you plan on doing to open up governance?

Good question! I'll get to it in a moment...

Do you plan on putting more resources into ATIP?

Yes, and no. Currently, and as you say, government spending is public information. Unfortunately, the reports which are available do not go into any detail and so one must make an application to ATIP in order to see the nitty gritty. For instance, in the report you linked to if I want to know what "People Management" is at the treasury board, or why they spent $6,872,865 (pg.552) on it, I could make a request to ATIP.
As we know however, ATIP is already swamped with requests and in order to accommodate them all, tthe current government is entertaining a fee hike for processing them.
We believe that's the wrong way to go and here's why:

As it stands now, government employees and other delegates produce detailed reports - purchase orders, expense claims, etc. Every penny which the government spends is already on a computer somewhere in exceptionally fine detail. Why not make those files, right down to the nitty gritty directly available to the public via the Internet? in realtime?

Right now, we see ATIP's very existence as a doubling of efforts because all they do is go into those same computers where the information has already been input, they retrieve the information, print it out, put it in a envelope and mail it to the person making the request. In this day and age, doesn't that sound a little low-tech? We have the technology to make all of the information readily available, so let's use it!

Many employees and delegates have even been provided with SOHO equipment, specifically to to be able to input that information over the Internet. There is absolutely no reason to encounter things like this but the way things operate now, even the ministers are confused. Essentially, the current system is cumbersome and inneffective. Why not have ministers fill in their expense claims directly online and posted in realtime? After all, we already provide them with SOHO equipment to do it.

So, in answer to your question:"Do you plan on putting more resources into ATIP?", no, we don't. We do expect to put some money into making this data more available without having to reproduce it and but when that's in place, our governance should become wide open from the ground floor on up and there will essentially be no need for a separate entity to handle ATIP requests.

I trust this answers your questions and I look forward to any additional comments or questions which you may have.

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