[WP] Aliens visit earth, but humans arent the race they are interested in and mostly ignore us.

Oh god. Is that- yeah, it has to be. It's here. It's real. It's a damn UFO. A grey cylinder, studded with windows, hovering above my backwoods house. What else could it be? Holy shit.

I drop my smoke and grind it out against my courtyard stones, forgetting my bare feet. The burn stings like hell - I ignore it. I start a little as a beam of light suddenly spears down, illuminating my yard as.. something ripples into being at the base of it. Multiple legs. Glistening folds of flesh, studded with thousands of tiny holes that seem to ripple - sensory pits? And those short and fleshy protuberances surrounding the face of the creature, set atop long body without a neck - manipulators? I shake myself. First contact? Hell yes, I can do this. Going to get my own damn TV show.

Stepping forward, I'm determined to think of something poignant. An introduction. Get humanity off on the right foot. "Salutations from Ear-" "Who's a pretty kitty?"


The liquid, reverberating tones continued "Who's a pretty kitty? You're a pretty kitty! Yes you is! Wes woo wis!"

The flesh on the sides of the glistening.. thing rippled out into jointless arms, studded with a thousand tony psuedopods, all reaching towards Chienne, my six month old tortoiseshell. Stroking her - and she loved it, the sneaky little bitch. I could hear her purrimg from where I stood. Damnit, cat! This is my moment!

I step forward to try to continue my hastily concocted spiel. "I am Q-" "Pretty kitty needs a pretty kitty necklace! Yes she does-y-wuzzy.". This as a metallic collar appeared from within the mass of one 'arm' snapping around my cat's neck as the alien lifted her into the air, cradling the furry purring bundle against his bulk and stepping back toward the pillar of light.

I run forward to stop it, to take Chienne back - that's my CAT damnit! - and the thing seems to notice me for the first time, the body erupting into a million fanged maws and barbed tentacles, all focussed on me and howling in at least eight different voices as it continued to walk toward the pillar and rippled away. The light winked out.

No noise came as the UFO suddenly accelerated away into the night, the stilled insects hesitantly beginning their chorus once more.

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