Higher quality version of the song! Thanks to Lydia's review of the tapes, an earlier generation of the song has been found.

This isn't a hoax! And hopefully everyone can hear the same lyrics finally. What this new version does do is Ace up a huge amount of bands, especially with Alvin Dean sounding even more on this song the same way he did with his 1984 found action tape with Yannis! It is just way more deeper, I think maybe even more than on the Statues in Motion's Album! That should mean that this song was made in 1984 as Alvin's voice is a bit older. Also, someone did a voice isolation already I could swear before Alvin sings, I can hear microphone distortion, like when you mic is too close to the speaker. Alvin's 'Amateur Band' played the song live? Soooo Who does TMS sound like now people?? Well, L, This was an extremely good copy of TMS, and it will be real fun seeing what everybody does to it over the next few months!! Incredible Find! and honestly your copy and Darius's are at different speeds I think.

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