The holographic universe vs the standard model, superthread

    First, howdy gang, you all sound upset. Somebody pooped bed, and many of the comment threads on these links are similar, and so I am going to address this first: why is this theory stirring an amount of resentment in people disproportionate to the lack of supporting data current available.        The above table is one glaring example of the problem. I was excited when I started to read it; I have been looking for a concise comparison of this theory to the standard model, and the ways in which they can be unified. What is presented above is exaggerated posturing of the HFTheory and a complete lack of effort to write anything in the Standard model section. This is obviously going to annoy people who are expecting scientific methodology. This theory is interesting; in fact it may be the most interesting and accurate theory proposed about the structure of reality, but everyone associated with and interested in its success should be serious about its need for more concise definition and proof.        I suggest you delete the argument thread. the tainted and the sarcastic tone does nothing to , but you dont say it, very helpful. This needs to be addressed. I have been researching Nassim's FHTheory because what it proposes is  both elegantly simple and addresses some inherent beliefs that I have long held about existence… It echo years at UCSC eating acid and deducing the inherent Oneness we all felt perched in that redwood treenets. At least some elements of this theory will eventually accepted and proven to be acceptable descriptions of our reality. I am gifted in the literary and artist camps, but I understand what is being proposed. And her inlay the problem. Every negative review I found of this theory focuses not on the improbability of this theory but on the way Nassim, his collogues, and his supporters present and defend this theory… The lack of empirical science is a problem; what is present in Nassims paper  have  Nassim's has proposed a very eloqmultiverse theory  is much bigger than the empirical evidence he provides, and the augmentation of Einsteins equation and
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