How difficult to cut down this monster for extreme amateur.

Take all the branches off section by section at the back of the house. Leave the large branches in front of the tree. It’ll Influence the tree to fall away from the house. That being said, you’re gonna have a ton of weight hanging out front creating a shit load of tension on the main trunk. You’re gonna have to create a notch/hinge then follow up with a plunge cut preferably. Once your tree center is bored out, you can continue your cut through the back strap. You’re gonna need a big saw to plunge through that tree. I’d get a measurement of the diameter on this tree and then rent/borrow a saw if needed.

I also don’t recommend you do anything I said and get a professional to do it more safely. But if you must. Do a little more research on how to cut large/leaning hardwood trees before attempting. Shit is no joke this can very easy go bad. Good luck.

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