Pcos surgery

I believe that, when it comes to PCOS, an understudied syndrome that's just started to be understood, no one can make an absolute statement, since every "cyster" suffers from different types of PCOS. Literally a syndrome is a set of symptoms, and while many of us share some common ones, none of us suffers from the exact same symptoms, and that means that we all need different treatments aka the root of our symptoms is not the same.
Denying other possibilities only limits us to conform with what's been said already, what kind of science is that?

After years struggling with PCOS, having my right ovary always augmented and filled in with follicles (or cysts), not responding to any treatment BUT having normal-to-low androgen levels, no insulin resistance at all and being regular, my gyno suggested that taking out my right ovary or part of it, I might get better from my other symptoms (heavy bleeding and cramps, hairloss, acne, and the pain from my ovary), since the cysts produce hormones by themselves and bring chaos to hormonal balance in my body. I haven't been able to do it yet, but I will sure try, I'll take that ovary out as soon as I can.
That being said, I'm thin, I struggle to gain weight, my hormonal imbalances usually have to do with low estradiol and progesterone, and increased fsh/lh ratio, but never high androgens. Anovulatory regular cycles.

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