How dutch moms take their kids to school

What an interesting opinion blog post on the research article I cited (note my sarcasm). I find this commenter from that page to be quite sensible

"But this also means that one out of 90 cyclists will suffer from a brain injury. And that is no small number. And this is for the average rider, who rides about 2.5km per day or about 1000km per year. It means for the people riding 5000km per year (I bet those are still very many people) the lifetime risk of a brain injury is 1 in 18! Although I'm also not a strong proponent of helments myself (I usually wear mine in the city where its mostly vehicular cacling but not on tourist bike routs) the numbers you came up with are not exactly an argument against helmets!"

I find this commenter from that page to be very representative of your backwards thinking

"A piece of flimsy plastic on my head would not have made any difference there. As it won’t in so many other cases."

A proper helmet is not a piece of flimsy plastic. If it is in the Netherlands then I can see why you lot would not put so much trust in it. The inside is an expanded polystyrene foam which dissipates the force of impact.

Listen, there are only so many times people get in danger at pools, should we just not have lifeguards? There are only so many times hammers fall from higher levels at construction sites, and many other injuries to be had there, should workers not wear hard hats?

Here is my point: We should take every intelligent step to create a safer environment. I agree that good infrastructure is very important. In my city of 200,000 here in America we have 120+ miles of paved bike paths. We have bike lanes. It is integrated into our driver's licensing. All of this and more is very important. So is wearing a helmet. Here's the thing about statistics. They don't matter at all. Not one bit. Until it is you, or your mom, or your sister, or your daughter or son who is killed or gets brain damage. You have thousands of young people in your country unnecessarily getting brain damage. That is not just foolish it is immoral. Your culture needs to take a look at this thing and join the 21st century.

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