How Do We Protect the First Amendment Today?

Are you saying it's okay to be racist because we're in America? Because I don't think racists have a place in this society.

It not "okay" to be racist anywhere. That said, it's also not okay for the gov to start arresting people for "wrong think". Don;t get me wrong, if you see a racist saying or doing racist shit, mock them. Make them feel like the asshole that they are. But do not appeal to the law to arrest them. That's a slippery slope no one should want.

What do you call racist? For most of us, there's a very clear line. The problem is, that line is different for everyone. Myself, I take the MLK Jr approach. I ignore the color of a person's skin and judge them by their personality, or content of their character if you will. To me, that's the only non-racist way to be. But to many others, my ignoring skin makes me a racist for ignoring history or some shit. I think "fuck <insert race here>" is racist as fuck, no matter who's saying it or who they are saying it about. Others will call me a racist for thinking black folks can be racist (they can, and IMO, saying they cannot is racist).

You cannot win. No one can. So do we want to lock up racists? Or just mock them into shame?

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