There are 5 SOF Truths as stated by USSOCOM

Of the five, I'll quote two.

"Truth 2: Quality is better than quantity.

A small number of people, carefully selected, well trained, and well led, are preferable to larger numbers of troops, some of whom may not be up to the task.

Truth 3: Special Operations Forces cannot be mass produced.

It takes years to train operational units to the level of proficiency needed to accomplish difficult and specialized SOF missions. Intense training – both in SOF schools and units – is required to integrate competent individuals into fully capable units. This process cannot be hastened without degrading ultimate capability."

Army SWC is commanded by a three star general. Our Flotilla is headed by a one star general. A three star general in the Army has about 20,000-45,000 men and women under his command. Of those 20-45 thousand, you're looking at about 20-30 thousand "operators". We have 500.

Their selection is 10 weeks for NCOs. Conscripts are not considered operators.

So you take these facts into account within the scope of those two SOF truths, it's pretty telling what their capabilities are.

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