I'm writing a scene with borderline/potential pedophile. Does this make my protagonist/narrator look like a horrible person, or can you understand why he might not do the heroic thing?

How does this sound? Does it make it any less repressible if she's consenting in away and edging the guy on?

Now it’s five o’clock and I’m sitting in someone's apartment at Carousel who I don’t even know. Kyle is there with me, as is Shawn, DJ and a group of guys who I’ve never met before. So is the girl with the purple bikini, although Kyle is mostly ignoring her. Additionally, she’s unwisely brought her younger sister to tag along who looks no older than thirteen. I watch from the far end of the room as a bunch 18 something year old shirtless guys fight to flirt with her. Eventually it gets slightly more vicious and they start to tug over her, back and forth at the arm like a piece of meat. When her head turns to look at towards her older sister, one of the guy silently mouths to his friend “Mine.. Fuck off”, who’s also tugging at her arm. She can’t be older than 13. I’m worried she’s younger. She still has her braces. One of them tries to shepherd her into one of the back rooms. She’s flittering back with him now and fully consenting that she wants to go. She actually starts guiding him by the hand and touching his abdominals. They go in. I start thinking how I shouldn’t be in this room while this going on, and I want to do something heroic, but it seems futile against the overwhelming backdrop of amorality of saturating the environment. Then Shawn puts the bright LCD screen of DJ’s phone in front of my face, blinding me. A text message reads: Hi gorgeous, it’s your lil’ party girls. Meetup tonight? It’s Amelia and her two friends. Panicked, I tell him “lets go.” We leave. I never see if they come out of the room or not.

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