I've been Diamond since season 3, so over 10 years so far, and now that my account got hacked I can't get even a 50% winrate on a silver account lol

Huh so first off, I'm playing a silver account yea, but all the losses in this screenshot were against high gold and low plat players. Not like this makes it a lot better, but there's that.

Secondly I'm very far stuck. I'm losing 6-7 and gaining 24-25 lp right now.

Third, I was absolutely stomping the enemy junglers. I'm way ahead in kills, farm, kp and damage in all but 1 of those losses and I still lost. The difference would be even larger if we didn't get rolled, right? Even got more drakes and heralds while my team was hard losing, the info is right there.

I mean, I don't know what you consider stoming, but starting the game off with 10/0 seems pretty stompy to me lol. still couldn't win.

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