irony is dead

Your comment has factual mistake and is not funny, maybe I understood your intention, but your implementation of that intention is low quality. It is neither funny, nor correct. For example, she wasn't wrong in only 1 statement, but other 2 were wrong.

See my attempt:

I mean, it has claim that it's "Putin's propaganda", but it's merely a hint of my intentions, to make it more obvious. My comment also isn't very funny, but I think it's more emotional (I guess, in English it can be described as "punching" or something like that), so it can have greater effect. For example, "it's literally on the other side of the globe" is the worst take a person can make to defend this woman. But I'll see the responses (I hope not many people will see this message, so, I want them to see that message first).

She isn't wrong when it comes to USA

This is neither funny, nor correct, nor a hint for viewer to help him get it. So, a mistake on your side.

P.S. When I was writing this comment, I assumed that I understood your intentions.

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