I've been photographing fog a lot this past year. Here's one of my favorites, taken in mid-June in Marin County, California. [OC][2048x1427]

Well I shoot some film, mostly digital though, it's obviously more practical. My favourite photography is black and white though, so I use filters on digital all the time! Give it a try. If you're in nature much, a red or green filter, in that order, will really surprise you.

You made a beautiful image of fog, I just thought you may have shot one on black and white. I'm particularly interested in what a blue filter might do, since it's scarcely used. I live in a relatively dry area, fog is scarce, so I've no reason to get one.

It's all about post-production and shooting raw with filters. The effect is subtle when you shoot with one. For example, I use deep yellow (Y48 or K2) most of the time. An unprocessed image will look kind of gold-like. If I move the tone to neutral, I'll see a very, very yellow image, and moving the temperature will lead me up to an orange look, which approaches red filter territory, so I have a bit of latitude: when choosing a filter, you can approximate other close colours and their effects. Sticking to a good source is best though; if you wanted orange effects stick that filter in.

But what this means, in black and white, is not that obvious. By moving the tone to neutral (a 0 mark in lightroom) I've let the yellow filter work it's magic; suddenly the sky is a bit darker, clouds a bit brighter, people's faces more contrasty. I can also blow this up a bit more with the yellow colour channel to make the effects more dramatic. And all of this without modyfing the whites, blacks, shadows and highlights, I still have these. You could replicate this, but since the source was already yellow, it's now very, very yellow, much more than could be replicated, and the effects of the filter come out very nicely in black and white. Essentially, the red and orange channels are compressed into the yellow one, so moving this colour changes different bright areas, and the blue colour is turned more white. I shot this picture of a friend of mine recently with a Y48 deep yellow filter and got really cool contrast!

In essence, it gives me something like a half stop, or extra stop in some cases, of black and white dynamic range, as well as more aesthetic options.

If you're not interested in BW that much though, well, I see your point in not minding colour filters.

Again though, awesome image man! Thanks for the reply.

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