[Jesus said], "And indeed, Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. That is a straight path."

The Trinity is not three different gods. Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit are all the same being. The Trinity is just in reference to the ways God interacting with us, in the body, in the spirit, and in heaven.

In the Bible, Jesus makes it extremely clear that he is the path to salvation. Using separate quotes out of the Bible without context for the sake of trying to find a way to make it correlate with the Islamic view does not make it correct usage of Jesus's over message.

But if your issues is trying to argue to point out what you think there is a logic problem that than you my supply logical reason why god would knowingly send just a "man," knowing full well that he would be the result of a starting the world's largest and "fake" religion built around how God himself loved us so much he would come to earth in a human body, endure unbelievable pain, and have that body die. For all of us. For it not only to be fake, but something he conditioned with the people he put in Jesus's life.

Now all the sudden God would not have done that when it had the capability to benefit a man 600 years later when God could have done it 300 years sooner and an actual Christian population when it would have made in actual impact...

God is omnipotent, he knows the results of every single one of his actions. To assume that you would make it possible for so many people to be easily tricked into immediately start spreading a false religion absurd.

You can argue logic all you want. But Islam itself has just as much explaining to do in terms of justifying its corrections. Such as God leaving Christians with a pacifist and Muslims with a warlord.

I could not become a Muslim because Muhammad origin story is unbelievably sketchy. Such as him for short period of time during the early stages of Islam having a few other gods in the mix, splitting the moon with no evidence of that ever happening, supposedly being influenced by the devil for a short time early one. A "Christian" mystic told him he was to be a prophet. Took is rich wife to convince him... Killing people who he didn't like talking about him, which is partly one of the reasons why so many Muslims around the world freak out and call for the death of people make fun of your prophet.

Its funny though it seems more people are bothered by the fact that Muhammad as images of himself being made but never anything when God has images of himself are made.

Most muslims believe in the image of Muhammad that they want to be true rather than the one that most of early hadiths show. Being just as hypocritical as many say Christians are about the early information of Jesus.

I could go on but this will likely be down voted as anything that is critical of Islam is here. Not because it's wrong, but because a lot of people here hate being called out.

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