Just gonna take a risk.

See I feel that is a very welcome excuse to not face the truth. I'm very sure that aimbotting in PS2 is pretty common. See the problem is, that so many guns handle so differently, so there will always be the excuse that it's the weapon that makes you good automatically. Funny enough the people who are very likely cheating, usually will say the opposite, that it's just skill.

And see that for me is the give-away. I have played at absolute pro level at one point. I had a reaction time that only the best sports people in the world have, due to 12-16 hours training PER DAY. We only had like 7 different weapons available. And NONE of us were super good with everyone of them. That were 7 very different weapons.

But even back then, when I whopped ass with my teammates in an FPS, we were never THAT good as a HUGE bunch of people are here, who do NOT play that amount of time at all and who are NOT at that specific age that allows you to play at that level (because basically with 20 your super pro time in FPS is over, just due to biologic factors) CONSISTENTLY.

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