Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Where Is the Outrage Over Anti-Semitism in Sports and Hollywood?

Claiming that all racial disparity is the result of systemic oppression is absurd, and the work of race grifters who seek to exploit conflict.

There are individuals in all groups and communities that are racist, but American society is not racist at large, and the idea that we have to control every mind and remove any racist beliefs from everybody is authoritarian and an impossible task.

In group preference data provides a very interesting picture on racism and how much each group identifies and favors their own, white people are at the very bottom of this. Yet, in the current climate all whites are being painted as benefactors of uniform and absolute racial privilege. They're the least likely to hold any in group preferences.

There are no two groups in America that are at parity for any significant measures. White people are not at the top for many outcomes, certainly not economic. The idea that it is a white supremacist society is pure fantasy.

The model minority argument cannot be extended to every successful group either. While it's not a representative sample, we would still expect to see 'systemic racism' impact other groups, such as Nigerians, when it simply does not.

If progressives continue down this road, they're never going to be satisfied with just attacking white people and men, and you can bet Jews are high on their list. We're already seeing it beginning. It's such a disastrous path to descend, it's going to tribalize every group and completely balkanize communities by race - our society will become like the prison system. We are already on this road and I fear it's too late to turn back. Things will get very ugly as destabilization and economic depression set in.

The Greeks wrote at length about how leaders used ethnic and cultural fractures for political gain and how this often led to the destruction of cities and micro nations. This is exactly what is occurring now at a massive scale in America and the West.

The old approach of no discrimination is gone and now they are pushing for what they see as corrective discrimination. When you start giving certain groups overt handicaps or favoritism, it creates contempt. We already have them to some degree, but the push for expanding them is getting stronger. When will it be enough - never. You give them an inch of race benefits, and they will never stop pushing for more.

Why as a White European Jew, would I want to live in such a society where there is an open and tolerated hate for me, and I am labelled as an oppressor? Not just by individuals, but by the entire culture, education system and media.

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