Kids accidentally shot people 5 times a week last year on average.

Lol, go to the CDC and look at the data.


It's overwhelmingly criminals with illegal weapons. You can find the rare example of a legal owned firearm like the article in the link, but that is clearly a dishonest account of what is taking place and extremely manipulative.

Most of them are teenagers acting incredibly stupid. The media would likely describe them as "aspiring rapers who attended church regularly" or "good boys who were turning their lives around". Their friends and family would be positive they "dindu nuffin".

Here is a 15 year old who shot himself in the head while taking a selfie:

This future rocket surgeon shot himself twice in a few months:

An engineer! He made his own shotgun for a fun game of "border patrol and cartel":

Another idiot:

And I get it, it's sad when a little kid finds a gun irresponsibly left out and hurts or kills himself. But these also have a distinct pattern. More often than not, his single mother is busy "paying" for her drugs and leaves the kid alone near the dealer's stuff....

Haha, don't worry though, police sargent Youlanda Leverette is on the case!

Amazing how the gun control advocates ignore the very inconvient fact that *guns are already illegal for these people".

How does taking away the constitutional rights of everyone else help?

Every year thousands of people without drivers licenses defy the law, drive, and cause serious injury or clearly we must ban cars.

Fuck you guys.

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