READ: White House letter announcing noncompliance with impeachment inquiry

You guys. Always the short sighted morons.

If the house brings it to a vote, it will pass. And then of course the House Republicans can begin to subpoena random people in hopes of muddying the waters, determining who the whistleblower is (so ya'll can obstruct justice) and generally trying to sabotage impeachment.

HOWEVER, then the White House loses the ability to use defenses like "executive privilege", the House Democrats can get all the documents they need without having to go through the courts (for things like the unredacted grand jury documents pertaining to the Mueller report) AND the House Democrats get Republicans up for re-election on record voting against impeachment (which is gaining popularity in the polls so House Republicans in purple districts may hurt their chances of re-election).

Nancy Pelosi is doing ya'll a favor and you guys are upset. She'll have the vote when she chooses to have the vote. Until then, the House Democrats will continue to document all the obstruction the White House/Republicans are doing to use against them at a later time.

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