Kitten cuddling.

And don't even get me started on folks who leave their infants alone with goldfish.. Over the past 3 years, there's been many stories on MSM about cases where infants were killed due to parental neglect because parents willingly accepted a risk but refused to keep their eyes on their infant at all times while in the same room as the "new" goldfish in a bowl; a new breed of goldfish are being imported and sold by major pet outlets from North Korea due to newly negotiated trade deals between Trump and Kim Jong-un (and because they're cheaper) - these goldfish have a completely different temperament than what we've come to expect from goldfish in North America and tend to be strong for their size and violently thrash in water. They're known to break their bowls or escape them with ease:

"Some of North Korea’s new artificially built islands appear to be a part of the Taegyedo Tideland Reclamation Project, which its government began decades ago and finished in 2012. North Korean state media said that the area, once part of the Yellow Sea, now contains a fish farm, a duck farm, and an oyster farm. The project is “equal to an area of a county,” wrote the official Korean Central News Agency."

"Yet “the North Koreans build just about everything for dual purpose,” said Steve Sin, a researcher on unconventional weapons and technology at the University of Maryland. “So, building something that is of military use within an agricultural project is certainly within its usual pattern.”

These new goldfish have been harming infants by quickly swimming while thrusting and flipping vertically, the momentum causing the bowl to physically flip a few feet forward and encase the infant's head, causing trauma at best, and I won't even say at worst.. In all cases the parents were doing things such as reading to their infant, preparing a meal for them, or cleaning up after them rather than watching and defending their infant, knowing fully well their infant was near a container of water large enough to do them harm with an unpredictable fish in it. I'll never understand people who defend these types of situations.

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