Father with dementia talking to his daughter

My dad had angiosarcoma, and I remember him having a bunch of seizures one night and the next day he had a significant memory loss. He didn't know who any of us were in his family, but when I walked into the hospital room he started crying and apologizing, saying he didn't know who we were but knew we were important and that he knew he was upsetting us.

This continued for several days, only a vague memory of himself and knowing that he was sick and that we were important. After a few days I walked into the hospital room and the nurse said to him, who is that? He started crying and slowly managed to say, that's my son. I don't think I had ever cried so hard in my life. I'm thankful he regained his memory back even though he passed a couple of weeks later.

Lack of physical and mental health is so debilitating to a family. There is nothing more important than health.

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