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Apparently it's not an a appliance ISO

That is correct, that needs to be explained better on the downloads page however they do state

XBMCbuntu contains XBMC for Linux compiled with the 'standalone' mode, this enabled certain functions that are not available in normal XBMC installations (Windows, Mac Linux), these functions include Power Management, and Network Management.

It is clearly outlined that the ISO does not include network management functionality.

You are viewing it as a "replacement" for Roku/WD Live, but those are appliance devices that have 3 parts..

  1. Hardware
  2. OS
  3. Media Center App

Kodi provides number 3, it is up to you to provide the other 2. If you are wanting to "sell" appliances or give them to family you would need to use one of the many disto's that are Appliances, like OpenElec, GeekTV, or a few others I can not think of right now

KodiUbuntu formerly XMBCUbuntu should be thought of an an evaluation iso like Gnome Live CD.

This seems to be a common theme, people expect there to be a single "polished" way of doing something, with Roku you have 1 option, their hardware, their UI, their Application stack. It seems disingenuous to me to complain about the many options available but still desiring things to be open and customizable/hackable. Open Platform will have fragmentation, if you do not like fragmentation use closed systems where it is prevented by law and action.

OpenElec fills the Appliance space, it is probably the most polished Appliance implementation of Kodi out there, but not everyone wants an Appliance.

Kodi is a mediacenter application that they happen to preinstall on ubuntu os, personally I wish they would drop Kodiubunu and feature the many other options out there.

I would like to see a review of the actual Kodi software which has nothing at all to do with network management, then you can review the Media Appliance distro's that use Kodi as their media center. That would be better.

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