TIL a new trend has emerged in Bangkok where young Thai men are identifying as “Mexican gangsters” and sporting the clothes, tattoos, and hairstyles of the eses that inspire them

Similarities between Mexico and Thailand

Small grocery stalls – some streets are full of them. But all you can get usually there is something to drink and pretty much junk food, such as french fries and cookies; no fruit or vegetable unfortunately. street stalls in Mexico City street stalls in Mexico City Smell on the streets – For a European, streets of both Mexico and Thailand are a bit smelly. But the smell is a mixture of two – kind of dirt in both cases and then in Mexico it is more of a meat smell as they are selling meat everywhere at the streets. While the smell in Thailand is more of the fried oil. Beaches – those of the Caribbean side of Mexico (beaches of the state Quintana Roo, such as Tulum or Playa del Carmen) are very cool and lovely, clean, with white sand and turquoise water. Those of islands of Thailand (e.g. Koh Lanta, Koh Phangan) are similar, absolutely awesome. Prices – for the Western world, both Mexico and Thailand are cheap for the tourists. The food is cheaper in Thailand, while the transport is a bit more expensive in Thailand. Vegetables – both Mexican and Thai cuisine are not very open to vegetables. A bit is always there but you cannot actually order a vegetable salad at many places. Are you a vegetarian? Bad luck then! Meat and seafood form the main part of almost all the dishes. Fruit – it is quite easy to get some fruit at the streets, supermarkets and outside tourist attractions in both Mexico and Thailand. Whole fruit or cut ones for you to pick. fruit in Thailand fruit in Thailand English – speaking English is not very common in Mexico, but even less common in Thailand. At least in Mexico in the tourist places where the Americans go, English is often used, such as in Cancun. Weather – there are rainy and dry hot seasons in both Thailand and Mexico. Spicy food – spicy hot sauces and chilli are the main ingredient of many Mexican meals and Thai food as well. Then rice, chicken and pork are traditional for both cuisines, too. Homeless people – unfortunately, there are a lot of poor and homeless people (as well drunk in Mexico City) living at the streets. Traffic – they just drive like crazy in Thailand and Mexico. Seatbelt is not often worn, not even the helmets on the motorbikes. Transport in Mexico is similar to the Thai one. Dogs – there are these homeless dogs without hair everywhere but they do not do anything to passers-by. Lime – they do not have yellow big lemon in both Mexico nor Thailand (the one we are used to in most European countries), just the green lime is found everywhere. Most of the time, they call it lemon, not lime, anyway. Toilets – most of the time it is prohibited to flush the paper down the toilet in Mexico the same as in Thailand. But there are many so called Turkish toilets all over Thailand which are not very famous in Mexico. And in Thailand you have a small bucket or something similar to poor the water in and flush the toilet with it, while in Mexico most toilets do have the flush. Smoking – in comparison with for example Europe, you will not really see many Mexicans nor Thai people at the streets having a cigarette, which I really liked. Children – children of Mexican and Thai people are just playing all aroiund the places, in clothes or without them, with parents not really checking them out. They have this kind of freedom European children do not have. Religion – Catholicism and rituals of native inhabitants of Mexico, the same as Buddhism and Muslim religion of Thailand are very important part of life of people.

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