L for JJ, however.

There is a difference between disability and race. Race isn’t a disability and isn’t the same as someone getting house broken into. You are comparing race to things that aren’t equal.

What you are doing is assuming people of brown race are going to be hurt but what JJ said and that you have to stand up for them. In a perfect world where white doesn’t always have to save other people’s feelings, people that actually felt a certain way can speak up about it and how it effected them. We don’t need majority of people of other races saying “JJ what you said hurts brown people”. Like wtf I can type too.. I can tell JJ how I felt by it myself

many of us people of color know how to deal with racist people in the world better than white people do, why you would ask? Cause we have dealt with them thus far and we will continue doing it and won’t need someone else to stand up for us.

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