What's the biggest lesson you've learned in your past relationships?

Do not, NEVER, try to live for someone else. If she wants you to cut someone off because she doesn't like em, even tho she doesn't know em, don't fuckin do it cuz she won't do the same for you, even tho you know what kind of an asshole they are. Just because your families know each other, don't trust her %100 percent. Her being loyal to you doesn't mean that she tells you everything. Don't make her your everything. No girl is more important then your own future, even if you are ready to fuck it up for her. Her bestie hatin on you for no reason, or a reason that isn't her business at all? And your girl doin nothing about it? Break up already cuz your girl will do it in a few months probably. Damn. I wish every 18 y.o. could read it.

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