Lesley - The newest member of my Thixie Pixies.

A little back story behind Lesley.

I started talking with this gal named Leslie, who works for the City, while I was on COVID protocol because I caught COVID. Well Leslie helped me understand one of the cities requirements to get permitted in the right-of-way and we hit it off real quick. We've been talking just about everyday since the end of November and we have this draw towards each other because of our age similarities and common interests. So I'm a little smitten and she's kinda hardcore, like ruffneck kind of gal but we've been real honest with eachother and have put it all out on the table. So she knows I'm into different things that she wouldn't typically get into if she hadn't started talking to me. We haven't met, just a lot of texting back and forth. So I took what I have seen from her based on a few selfies she's sent, and mocked her up as one of my Thixie Pixies and shared it with her. She Loved IT! This is Leslie y'all!

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