A Little Background

Uh, I think you're just shaming her for no reason

The motives for this entire project are shameful. This isn't even a sexual issue, it's an issue of not destroying your relationship with your entire family.

I wouldn't care how many guys she's been with

And? Lot's of guys will, I'm just pointing out that it will likely be an issue in any future relationships and JyJy100 should consider that. Besides, if you're already using sex to hurt people, why couldn't that end up being an issue in future relationships? If she was doing this to an ex-boyfriend would it be alright? This entire attitude towards sex is negative for everyone.

And why should guys "expect" easy sex from her? It's very clear that she's not interested in dating any of the men who are part of this, um, project, and dating and random hookups are two very different things.

Personally, I enjoy sex and if I were dating her my pride would get in the way if she wouldn't have sex with me. If you knew your girlfriend had blown a hundred random strangers just to piss off her parents, but didn't want to have sex with you, wouldn't you feel just a little bit jealous or insulted? That's not being sex negative, it's human nature.

All I'm saying is she should seriously examine how this project is going to effect the rest of her life (having your first sexual experience as blowing a random dude because you want to hurt your parents can't be a good memory) and make a serious desicion as to whether or not she'll really want to deal with the consequences (it's also extremely likely she'll have her identity leaked at some point, considering that a project like this is going to attract a lot of publicity after a while).

The guys cheering her on should realize that this isn't an imaginary porno flick. Would you feel comfortable with your daughter sending you pictures of her blowing a hundred different guys because of an argument you overreacted in? Do you seriously think this project is a healthy life experience for anyone? Unless you actually feel like this is a good idea, you shouldn't be supporting someone in possibly fucking up their life.

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