Looking for folks on this sub who were fortunate to graduate as a DPT with no student debt

Right here. And I’m happy with the job. But I understand how frustrated others are with the cost of school and the pay not coinciding. And I do believe it needs to change so I kinda sit back and let people complain. I let people tell others to pursue different careers. Not bc I hate PT but bc I think it’s gonna take something drastic for us to start getting compensated fairly.

I used the GI bill as well. And the hazlewood act. Only debt I have is from cost of living. I recently graduated and am in a position I really wanted when I was looking at settings. It’s a 6 figure income. I love what I do, I feel challenged to be a better PT every day, I feel extremely rewarded with my patient population, and I’m making stupid money as I do it. All as a new grad with little debt.

But with that said I think I got extremely lucky and I don’t know if that luck will last forever. I don’t like how PTs are treated. I don’t like our pay in general. I don’t like our cost of schooling. I don’t like how outpatient is a mill at most places. I don’t like unrealistic productivity standards that can only be met thru unethical documentation. I don’t like how how the medical field and insurance companies focus on corrective only and don’t consider preventive. I think that’s a huge potential avenue that would put PTs in a new setting and save on medical costs in the long run.

So yes I love my job but I lucked out. I feel like if your tuition is covered then you’re already tipping the job satisfaction odds in your favor.

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