Looking for some connection and reassurance [Stage 3-7?]

 I felt without an anchor or compass. This has developed into more of a general fluxing of feeling uncomfortable and irritable with regular mood changes. 

Insight into impermanence and emptiness without fully developed no self insight? Nothing to grasp on to not even ideas, nothing seems reliable, the mind just wants to withdraw into itself and there's nothing stable there either? May be realizing that there's no sufferer but only suffering might ease the stress.

I'm no teacher nor an adeot meditator but I dealt with that stuff for a few days (more intense, like mourning a death). So any of the below might be helpful to you.

  1. Insight into no self. At least a flexible but complete intellectual understanding and letting go. Interlude Six of TMI is great. Although it's not meant for practise you could experiencially verify some of the stuff there.

  2. Culadasa's meditation and insight talks and handout. Especially part 5+. Also check this hand out if you're not sure if it's worth your time. Read the parts on knowledge of suffering. It's quite reassuring in such a mental state.

  3. Meditative joy. This is like a pain killer. Of course you need to develop all the other factors to consistently develop joy. But as a relief to your mind develop joy. Shower metta at yourself. Think of how much you have tried your best and been a great person the past year. Appreciate your mind of the meditative efforts. Notice the tensions within and with that pristine clarity breath in healing breaths. This is a conceptual healing practise, nothing more. But it does develop peace and sometimes when it feels like the sun is only setting, this is enough of a break.

Again just another meditator who suffers plenty chiming in. So take it with a healthy dose of skepticism.

If you're just looking for a connection or people to talk to about your meditative journey feel free to PM me or post in the weekly thread here.

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