Mahalo. This is Nahko from Nahko And Medicine For The People. Happy Earth Day! Here to answer any questions you’ve got, from music to activism to what I ate today. AMA!

Aloha Nahko! I love you so much. Your contribution to the world is beyond incredible. I am absolutely in awe and thankful for your work. I love singing to your music and your Sunday services have been a lifesaver for me during quarantine to put me in a high vibe space when I’m not already in one. We have met three times now, once at the catalyst in Santa Cruz when you opened for Xavier Rudd (that was my introduction to you. I missed your opening set, but when you came out my entire spine aligned, it was so intense and I’ll never forget it. The next time as at Symbiosis and I missed your set the night before because we of arriving late even though you were the main reason for attending. I saw you at the festival the next day and told you this and you held my hand for a few minutes and asked me how I was doing as we walked and you introduced me to Leah Song and told me to go check out her band that night. I did and fell in love with their music as well. My question is in regard to the first time I saw you, what kind, if any, type of energy practice did you do that night?

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