Makinf space marines great again, or at least trying to

Well the first issue I see is that one of your smash captains isnt a warlord, yet they both have relics. One of the relics has to go to your warlord, or you have to pay 3 cp for the 2 extra relics. One of them should be a warlord anyway, since they will be getting into combat way faster and more often than your dread. So its the right warlord trait, it's just on the wrong unit. Also those death company vets should have storm shields. They cost 2 points and your vets are worthless without them; they're gonna die in your opponents first shooting phase, overtime. Also give them thunder hammers and keep them close to your smash captains for the rerolls.

I'm not sure what role the chaplain dreads are supposed to be fulfilling, but since the smash captains are in your list and they have lascannons I'm assuming it's antitank. They are way to expensive. Replace them with mortis dreads carrying lascannons and make them raven guard. This will also clear up enough points for you to make those scout squads in your raven guard battalion into intercessors. Also get rid of the tacticals, they suck, replace them with scouts.

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