So massively triggered now, please help!!!! Huge triggers inside

I can find numerous threads here using racist comments against Chinese people. You turn a blind eye on them. There are some most racist people here I ever encountered real life or online.

There is no racism here. Caucasian-Chinese can by definition not be racist against the majority population! I think the first step is for you to be more aware of your yellow privilege. Also, please do not use "Chinese" as a synonym for Han-Chinese as this is usage is excluding, triggering and racist.

I have lived in Canada for 20 something years now and I was shocked by the brazen racism when I first saw that some people would use race as a reason claiming the Chinese being less intelligent and inferior, even having part of the unfunctional brain that is unique to the Chinese, etc etc

I challenge you to find a single post claiming that the majority Chinese are inferior on account of their race. /r/CaucasianChinese is a safe inclusive space, where peoples of all races, creeds and sexual orientations are welcome. What we will not allow are "blut und bloden" views of what it means to be Chinese. Everyone can be Chinese, regardless of race, language or location!

Second of all, the "non-fuctioning part of the brain" was a quote from doctor Dr. Li Shaoyi who, on discovering a 2-inch part of a chopstick lodged in the brain of a toddler in the Hunan province, commented that it was "lodged in a non-functional part of the brain" ( It must logically follow that some people have a non-functional part of the brain in China, as I otherwise do not see how the doctor's remark makes any sense? 解放思想,实事求是

Someone even said they wished China were conquered by the west.

You fled China 20 years ago, yet you have the gall to pretend to be a patriot? Anyone going through the post history of your various accounts would quickly see that you are a well-know traitor of the CCP.

then you 've got scumfag or jingzi_factory white supremacist holding the apartheid ideology act purely as assholes and jerks

Comrades jingzi_factory and scumfag are respected members of this community, and I will not tolerate you slandering them with your outrageous falsehoods!

There were a couple guys messaging me a few days ago saying I should let go because this is a satire or parody of some Asian American sub.

Let me assure you that the suffering of us Caucasian-Chinese is not joke!

I wish this was true so I could leave you punks alone. But it doesn't look like it. Whatever your cause is, it is not going to work alienating ordinary Chinese by racially attacking them.

No-one is racially attacking anyone here. What seems to be going on is that you are having massive troubles reconciling your racially-based view of nationality with the reality of today's China. As a result, you are suffering cognitive dissonance and feel a need to lash out at us Caucasian-Chinese, as if this situation was somehow our fault!

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