This may be something too technical for this group, but…

Monero transactions are private. There is no way to tell how much money was transacted in a given time. If we were able to tell that that would open Monero to be vulnerable to heuristic attacks.

From what I understand we can audit total supply.

And having everything else private is a feature.

On top of that. How do you know that FED doesn't print more cash than they tell us? How do you know that all other governments don't do that? How do we know that private companies or people don't have their own money printing machine?

When it comes to Monero you can be certain that the theory behind it is sound. Although there might be mistakes in the implementation.

Everything else is a feature.

People who complain about Monero are probably the same people who are afraid to use airplanes because they don't understand them.

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