"Ms Assange told SBS News she spoke to her son four days ago" .... is this not proof?

It's a complex answer as even Assange never told the complete truth. Anne Hamilton-Byrne used to tell the children that she was their mother, but yes it was Christine who was Assange's mother. This is probably the reason that Assange was so fixated on the meaning of truth, and wrote the paper about maximum disclosure being the only way to defeat conspiracy.

Assange is extremely weird, and he used to do shit like dye his hair white blonde while pretending it was his natural hair colour. It was part of the cult, and he never quite detached from that kind of thinking while also working to escape from it. In some ways, he got his identity and importance from that cult thinking, but had the self integrity to force himself away from it.

If you knew him in person, he's not someone you want to know because he freely retreats to "I'm a Child of God" every time he's losing an argument, but then turns around when he has an escape route. So it's interesting to see how even that kind of chaos has emerged with a clear direction towards the truth.

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