Patch 13.5 Notes

I could be 10/1 in top lane but if the enemy bot is more fed than mine,

2 > 1. Also the reason why the enemy bot lane is more fed is because mid, jg, and support are taking over the game, not adc.

It's so annoying how top laners keep misunderstanding that bot diff is not just adc diff.

So yes, indirectly, bot lane is ruining the toplane because they've sucked all the impact and pressure of the game and top is literally at the lowest impact ever.

Top and adc have the lowest impact in the game, yall need to stop complaining about us and cry about jg and sup man lol. Go play adc for a few games, I played top for a few games and it's just a different kind of hell.

On top, you get left alone on a counterpick island but every once in awhile the enemy team will get a hard on and camp you for a few minutes until the other top laner can bruteforce wins. Bot lane you get dipshit supports vs duoq bot laners tryhard meta comping and/or jg+mid duos setting up 4 man tower dives every other minute and if both jg+mid aren't doing it then the one who does takes over the game.

Both suck, we should be standing in solidarity not flaming each other :\

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