My 20+y/o plantar wart today....and discovered another smaller one!!!! Am now attacking both. Hopefully the smaller one will fall off sooner as kinda got around the edges of it but couldn’t grab it yet properly with tweezers. To those who’ve pulled them out: how much did it hurt??? And was it hard?

I dug around at mine and gave up, nearly passed out from the pain.

Digging at them puts you at risk of infection and damage that may never heal right, or produce scarring. You can also put spread the virus to other areas.

I'd highly recommend that you go to a doctor that can treat them with liquid nitrogen. A few treatments and some time they should clear up.

Decades ago I had hundreds of them on my heel. I piked at them, had a lot of bleeding and pain and got a small infection. It took 3 treatments of nitrogen and painting it with prescription grade salicylic acid. Weeks later the spot itched with an intense itch. I found a small patch of loose skin and pulled it off. The entire thing, about 1.5" square came off with new, perfect pink skin under it. The itching stopped immediately.

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