My choices for best Speed at t2

Yeah my preferences lean towards pvp i guess as i all clear wb and shadowlands already.

I would put the top 5 speeds as elsa>gwen>silk>spider-gwen>antman. I dont care about the spiders as i consider web resist gear a must on my speeds except for sin. So thats why i'd rank antman higher than ot at least on the same level as spidey/miles. Besides, antman contributes to team dps with his 3*. As for DD, while his dmg is indeed higher than antmans he doesnt have antmans survivability and dies easily in speed bw. Perhaps, its because i have a close to fully awakened poah on antman built for max offense that i dont see such a large dps discrepancy.

The only 1 i'd consider replacing antman on that 5 slot is widow but shes redundant for me as what she does i can do with antman but what antman brings to the table she cant do (easy i-thanos clear, bw support). Given that, i havent really fully tested mordo/wong and they could kickout antman from the 5th slot. Definitely though, antman will still be a top 7-8 speed.

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