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This man spams all my posts and does targeted harassment. It's him and 3 other racist. They have made fake pages as me using whales in the profile and just typed up fake names. I dont post in and sub he even runs. This is harassment and several mods already began banning him. He harasses women with this spam and grammar nazis men. Check his comments tab. And be aware he typed up this bs 'proof' himself as HE SPAM COMMENTS all my post. He is the spammer the subreddits im posting in are fine with my post. He also made up the 'daily spammers' group where he just choses who he wants to harass and tells ppl to downvote them this also breaks TOS he really needs to get a hobby check his comments tab all he does is SPAM ME him and his fellow racist who make alts called me HARD R told me to KML just type whatever they want its his group and his link. Ive had 3 accounts both i deleted myself due to his harassment and i took 3 months off made this one and here he is. Report him ty thats not my account history thats his own thing he typed up he also included all my family who made reddits to defend me and says their "my accounts" a true sociopath SPAMMER as he SPAMS THIS on all my post every day. Those links go to his bs he typed up and his harassment group all made by him. False check his comments tab his targeted harassment of me js clear. What he wont post in the comments is links to his alts where he inboxes me and calls me the Hard R and tells me to KMS

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