I need to know what it feels like to be bred

If you choose to mate with me, I’ll put a pillow under your back to raise your hips to the perfect angle. You’ll notice my thick, heavy penis fill with blood and become much larger, approaching its full size and pointing towards the ceiling. You’ll see my foreskin pull back to reveal half of my shiny, purple glans which is ridged, designed to scoop out the semen of any rivals. It’s likely to be already glistening with precum as my body prepares to inseminate you, and your vagina will begin to moisten as our pheromones fill the air. The size of my testes, hanging low in their wrinkly sack, are a mark of my fertility, and together with my muscular legs, arms and back serve as a warning to potential rivals. You’ll be nervous as I bring my phallus towards your private parts, slapping my glistening helmet on your moist lips and teasing your clit before I slide it downwards and dock in your entrance. You might feel some shock and initial discomfort as I slowly push inside, stretching you open as your lips grip my shaft, before my glans finally kisses your cervix and the pleasure begins. Your vagina will produce cream and lubrication like you’ve never seen before as the first of your orgasms begins, my strong arms gripping your legs and waves of pleasure washing over you. Finally I’ll roar and you’ll know our copulation is complete, rope after rope of thick semen painting your womb, my sperm rushing to meet your egg. My penis will soften and shrink to its former size, and your pregnancy will begin, your breasts and belly swelling to prepare for our offspring. I’ll produce strong, healthy young for you whilst continuing to roam the world, spreading my seed far and wide to propagate my genes as much as possible.

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