Anong gamot sa sobrang taas ng tingin sa sarili?

I could've written this. My IQ is 129 and seemed to have gotten through school with mediocrity. I came from a good school and although I wasn't the best in my batch, I always belonged to the upper percentile. I am quite slow with math and physics though and these subjects required extra effort from me. In the end, I graduated with a failing grade (in my high school's standards, the passing grade was 83. I got a final average of 81). In college, I pursued a pre-med degree. Since I know I'm weak at math, I opted to fail and retake two computation subjects (physics and analytical chemistry) and just so I could be more familiar. My thinking was if inulit ko to, then my background will be better come the board exam. Isama mo pa yung stress that comes with a 32-unit semester.

Having to retake these classes made me realize na if I made being "effortlessly matalino" as my core identity, I will not be able to survive life as an adult. The shame, the disappointment and regret that came with failing could be unbearable.

Ultimately, naparealize din naman sa akin na ako lang ang nay pake. Others are too caught up in their own lives to watch you grapple with your perceived flaws and failures. Life happens to everyone, matalino ka man, mayaman ka man or hindi. I think your true enemy here is your ego. Siguro try to find other things that make you feel accomplished besides your IQ. Any talent in sports? Arts? Pwede din non-IQ related. Are you a good friend? Are you philanthropic?

Our accomplishments will always be there. However, we also change as people. Let your academic record be a reflection of the student version of you. Dapat lang na proud ka! Pero kasi, professional ka na ngayon. I hope you find the courage to make your world spin according to the goals you wish to achieve as the current version of yourself. I'm rooting for you, OP!

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