New Trial - Stage 10 Boss

My friend encouraged me to post some sexy tips for you guys. Thought you might want to know, but I can't guarantee that it will work all the time, so here we go you guys!

My current team: *Behemoth+2 *Mephistopheles *Reginleiv+2 *Ywain+2 *Israfil

I mainly spirit-break Mephisto and Israfil for their ATK and HP - just around 4800 atk/13k-ish hp because I thought it'll make a big difference in surviving this trial. Toki-doki!~<3

Tips First Boss

ChefMKT had a pretty good explanation for the first boss's absurd defense but there is another way to kill it. This might be a somewhat controversial method. What I did (and it works out for me every time) is to rend first, then crumple it. Non-flurry slice activation (e.g. Meru, Gabriel, Israfil, etc) will do a trick. If it doesn't work, it's fine as long as you get it just above clouds (like sending it to a moon) then pound it. It should automatically OHKO it. Otherwise, use ChefMKT's method and try your best, my dears~

Second Boss

See ChefMKT's explanation. There's no other explanation than just enduring and killing it with a lot of high potion usages.

Third Boss Just as ChefMKT had explained prior, non-water units are highly recommended. But it depends on each player and their type of units. In my case, I just had to bring Israfil with me and replace Ishtar+2 with Behemoth+2 because there's no way to survive without using all of potions and feathers in full three runs and you don't want a water pound for final boss. Basically, it's about luck - I had only two feathers left in my slot that time I reached the final boss stage. While ChefMKT used two full burst gauges, I used three full burst gauges because: 1. I used Flurry+Slice+Flurry+Pound to fill up burst gauge very quickly (if you are lucky to activate their flurry-like skills, it'll be full instantly), then I bursted it as usual but excluding Israfil 2. Same as #1 if you're lucky and Israfil's still alive with her glowing ability then... 3 Activate Israfil's Overburst II ability to fill up quickly and flurry it to finish filling up burst gauge. Lastly, finish it with your units that have highest atk and voila! You have Caravia-chan! :P --Alternative Method with no 7*?--

All I can think is to bring your strongest 5* or 6* with multi-/rush-skills. It'll be extremely helpful to interchange skills = be able to flurry-like attack for filling up burst gauge very quickly. Null/Fire units are very good choices, but Earth units...Eh it depends on how you feel about it. For example, I still feel that Ywain+6 is great asset to my team so I kept her (her spirit-broken atk is around 5500) even though most enemies are Fire-based. Same goes for Water units. Buffs are also helpful but only if you know how to customize well (e.g. know your own units very well). E.g. Reginleiv's attack boost, Ishtar's heal + def boost (one of my ally assists), and vice versa.

I think that's about it! Good skills to everyone! +____+ and happy mother’s day!

**Jokes and edited by my friend.

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