Newbie here, with two newbie questions

So I love Sonny, but again, I know many people can't stand him and I totally understand why. When he first came to town, he ran a strip club and got Karen (Scotty's daughter) hooked on drugs. He was not a good dude. When he got together with Brenda, the chemistry was off the charts. Like honestly, I think they're easily the biggest GH supercouple after Luke & Laura. Watching as a teenager, they were everything, but re-watching the clips as an adult, they were toxic as hell, but that doesn't make me love them any less haha. Sonny is a hypocrite, but he's also a deeply layered character. Here a few of my favorite Sonny/Brenda scenes:Wire SceneSonny interrupts Brenda's wedding to JaxAfter the Nurse's Ball

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