Not feeling loved when someone clearly does love you?

Yes. I have this on occassion.

IFS or parts work helps. It was with other people but also with self-love. There is love, but sometimes it isn't seen or accepted by me.

I just give a few examples from IFS, ok?

I had issues with a lonley, neglected part accepting compassion. For that part, compassion towards itself meant betrayal towards my hard working parents. I first had to look at my child-like loyality to them, and be sad for them, before I could accept that me being lonley is indeed sad and worth of love.

Or I had issued with accepting a justifiably angry part of mine. Another part was blocking any compassion towards the anger. So I had to see the perspective of the blocking part. It wanted to avoid loss and acted by a strict feeling of "I am not allowed to be difficult". I had to learn where this came from (it was neglect, surprise!) and gave compassion for the blocker, before I could accept anger. This took 2 months however. After accepting anger I could be more authentic and other people's friendship felt more genuine. Because I wasn't showing a mask all the time.

Hope this helps. IFS is not for everyone and it's not a siler bullet. This was just helpful to me.

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