NX: the most unintuitive software out there, besides Creo.

With all due respect you keep using vague terms...clunky, tools hidden in weird places. I, similar to you, have been forced to learn an absurd amount of cad programs. I have what I call a patented way to learn a cad program. You learn the sketch tool, how it handles dimensions, variables. Then you learn the analyze tool, find dimensions, volume, area, add a material, find, density. Do a simple surface construction, see how the tool makes a surface, evaluate the uv's evaluate how a simple sweep can hold a specificically defined airfoil over several curvature changes, etc, etc, etc. Kinda stress testing the program and at the same time learning the functionality. Now let's talk intuitive....my biggest deal with people using a new program is to NOT use icons and NOT material change the user interface....you yield to the default and see how you would work if shit went wrong one day and you still had to get a project done. If you a a NX or SW lifer then fine, forget it all and modify to your heart is desired, but you are then a power user. So for NX, just go to Menu > insert and find your function. that way is quite intuitive, no icons to worry about, just a simple menu ie. datum, trim, offset, surface tools, solid tools, etc. it is 100% intuitive, what do you want, here it is. Want to be a poweruser....make custom icons. In nc there is by default a datum csys sitting there in your face with 3 planes...with saladworks you get almost nothing and Y up to boot. How in the hell is SW more intuitive from a new user in this regard. Why do you have to hit = sign to make a variable in sw...that still fks me to this day. I would love to know exactly 5 top specific issues you have with nx. Just your top 5, be very specific.

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