I’ve never seen that guy until you started spamming that thread. I am not a supporter of his. I’m just annoyed by people like who you who trash other people in hindsight. You’re all “thanks for explaining your viewpoint” to the guy in the original post, then you just turn around and trash him left and right. What if Mahomes does put up 40? Not saying it’ll happen, but would you appreciate people spamming all your smug comments all over the place and calling you a dumbass?

Ok perhaps you didn't read it but ok. Spamming i guess is subjective here He said what he said. I said thanks for his input after he went off and called me snarky and wrong about 30 pts before the 4th etc.

I never used the words you used and haven't called him anything but wrong. Thanking him for explaining his position twice so it's clear and i could understand.

I guess to you we need to wait for Sunday to see if Mahomes outscores Jackson. Ok. I will tell you now he won't even if he plays a full game and Jackson didn't.

I guess we may revisit this then or never. I vote never.

It really irks me that false advice, bad advice (on a pro website/blog etc) and the like isn't called out on here. I called it out, you called me out for calling it out, and now you are saying we need to wait for Mahomes to play on Sunday.

So you totally didnt read his argument that Lamar is injured, wont play much and pulled early due to a lead, etc. 30 pts prior to the 4th etc.

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