Ok I’m a huge fan but I loathed the WS video...I’m sorry

I absolutely loved it! He showed different types of ethnicities and showed admiration towards female bodies. Some will call it "objectifying women" but I think he was admiring it. He displayed everyone faces not just their assets(vagina, boobs,ass) . I agree some faces are not in the same shot as (watermelon infront of the vagina) but he did show their faces. Also, the theme of the music video is summer so of course female or male missing some clothing. We sit here gawk nonstop at Harry Styles over his hair,voice,tattoos etc. So you're telling me the one moment where it's opposite you feel "you loathe the video" . In my opinion it's not about what "sells" but to keep in mind theme of video and lyrics. So considering this song is about oral sex and video shot on the beach I feel it's justified.

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