Pro Home Cooks on Air Fryers

Overall great video and absolutely agree with everything said here. I own a instant vortex drawer style air fryer and have only used my oven in my apartment once.

I think my one crtique is that he should have highlighted the benefit of the draw style design. Not all Air Fryers in the market come in that style. I think drawer is the main thing which differentiates this from traditional toaster oven which have convection settings. Lot of the video just compare Air Fryer ovens with regular Convection ovens which is not really the design that is popular. Such as this:

As the video mentions the Drawer style is much safer and easier to clean compared to toaster ovens. My Air Fryer has all the other settings like Bake/Broil etc.

My one complaint is that there aren't enough Pizza options on the market that fit in Air Fryers. I think that will change as Air Fryer become more popular.

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