PSA: Mumuso is a Chinese company pretending to be Korean and selling skincare that isn't made in Korea

Huh, that explains why aunties are always asking me about what milk powder to buy at Costco. I read up on this and I do agree it is horrific.

That is not to say corruption is not everywhere. I maintain insecurity about an entire country's production based on actions of however many is racism.

Stuff happens everywhere in every country. T is just my feeling now—only China gets decades of shit for it.

Remember when Samsung had those exploding batteries? That's was a super recent case.

There was a worldwide uproar about FB leaking your data like your birthday and the fact that you like cats is so important but remember when Equifax leaked everyone's SSNs?

Remember when Juicero was a thing. They were selling something like $300 "juicing" machines when you could squeeze their juicing bags with the same results?

Apple literally admitting to slowing down older phones in new iOS updates.

That time VW rigged their diesel emissions.

This is an old one but just to have a subject in the same vein as the horrifying one you cited: the Nestle baby formula scandal.

Etc. So much crap has happened the past couple years that

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