Rank these 6 celebs twice. First rank them from who you think is best (1) to worst (6) in bed. And then rank them from who you think is most submissive (1) to most dominant (6). Feel free to explain your choices for each

Hottest 1.Kriti - milky body, long legs and a fuckable face .. perfect combination 2.Disha - sexiest body out of them , but destroyed her face after surgery 3.Pooja - chocolate sexy bombshell, i mean everyone wants it 4.Ananya- perfect Petite fuck doll..even turned the haters into fappers 5 - Rakul - would be a hot fuck but not as much as the other's 6.Elnaz - milf but not the best

Submissive 1.Ananya- she looks like a pet to own, can be easily forced into submission 2.Disha - could have been a dominant girl but craves sex so submissive 3- Kriti- can play both roles but would be hotter if submissive 4.Rakul - like disha wants sex so bad, would do anything for it 5.Pooja - dominant a pretty good one at that, would look hot as a mistress and is my favourite at that 6.Elnaz - experienced domme

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